Employment Service

Electronic Protection Services:

Launching electronic services for workers through the electronic portal for public authority of manpower.

The public authority of man power present by its representative in the sector of protection of the management of labor relations in cooperation with the management of information technology, electronic services for workers of all categories and that are registered with the public authority of manpower, which enables them to submit their transactions and electronic complaints Follow up the complaint and inquire about the submitted absence reports. in order to protect the rights of workers in the civil sector and the attention of the public authority of manpower working on their performance of their obligations towards employers in the framework of laws, decisions and regulations governing the relationship of workers. It also provides electronic services enabling employees in the civil sector to extract copies of documents that prove the labor relations, as well as workers in the civil sector can register complaints of labor disputes and work permits disputes and follow up the complaint and in parallel the employer can register absences and follow up their procedures through the "employment services” Submitted to the employer.

Through our electronic services, it is possible to notify the two parties of the work relationship with all that is found regarding the dispute or absenteeism through a text message reaching the parties (registration of the telephone number in the labor administrations is required for the employers and registration the telephone numbers of the workers in the labor relations management units))

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